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As one of the fastest growing social media-based fitness communities, Elite Muscle prides itself on being the most INCLUSIVE spot for athletes of all kinds to network with one another, promote themselves, and grow their fan bases. Whether you’re a novice competitor, a seasoned pro, or someone simply dedicated to the fitness lifestyle, Elite Muscle is the place for you.


We make it our job to bring you the most up-to-date information on topics of interest in the fitness world. From competition schedules and hot industry news to training / diet trends and tips to grow your social media popularity, Elite Muscle is the go-to spot for all things fitness-related.


Elite Muscle is home to some of today’s most talented, dedicated, and inspirational athletes.  Their success is our highest priority.  Every week we showcase another up-and-coming fitness star, giving him or her a platform to share their story with the world.  Tell us about your journey and YOU could be next!


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Your 5 Must-Follow Fitness Snapchat Accounts

Among all the social media platforms, there’s none more […]

elizabeth hemmerle, NPC bikini, bikini competitor

Elizabeth Hemmerle: Success Through Self-Love

New York City skin care boutique manager Elizabeth […]

Christina Gonzalez, C2, CrossFit, NPC bikini competitor, NPC bikini, Navy, military muscle, Team Elite Warriors

Christina Gonzalez: Military Mama on a Mission

For New Jersey-based athlete Christina Gonzalez, fitness has […]

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Founded in 2013, Elite Muscle has steadily grown into one of the most popular and beloved online fitness networks. Elite Muscle was originally created by athletes for athletes as a positive, no-hate place for them to share, connect, and promote their accomplishments. Although Elite Muscle got its start as an Instagram-based community, we have since branched out to establish a Facebook presence, online store, and internet site generating upwards of 100,000 visits per day.

Our sole objective at Elite Muscle is to help fellow athletes leverage the power of social media to generate more attention for their exceptional hard work both in- and outside the gym. Since Elite Muscle launched only one year ago, we have featured more than 1,400 athletes on our @elite.muscle Instagram page, fostered a loyal and active community more than 50,000 strong, and helped countless athletes grow their own fan bases with cutting-edge social media marketing strategies.

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