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Christina Gonzalez: Military Mama on a Mission

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For New Jersey-based athlete Christina Gonzalez, fitness has always been about much more than the hopes of seeing her name in lights. It’s been a quest to prove, both to herself and to other women, that impossible is nothing when it comes to achieving your goals. From dedicated mother and nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor to active duty Navy service member and aspiring CrossFit athlete, Gonzalez has excelled in multiple roles and shows no signs of stopping.

Gonzalez, who goes by the nickname “C2,” (which stands for second chance) has proudly served in the Navy for the past eight years. While stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, Gonzalez made her first foray into the fitness space by taking up CrossFit. Approximately four-and-a-half years later, Gonzalez decided that she wanted to shake things up by pursuing her fitness even further with bodybuilding – specifically, venturing onto the NPC bikini stage.

christina gonzalez, C2, NPC bikini, crossfit

At the outset, Gonzalez’s goal was to gain definition and feel better about her body. What started as an athlete seeking self-improvement quickly blossomed into a competitive powerhouse. Gonzalez began by competing on the NPC Hawaii stage, where the self-described “spicy” Puerto Rican queen conquered her fears of standing bikini-clad in front of a crowd. Gonzalez instantly caught the competitor bug and hasn’t stopped since.

In June 2015, Gonzalez snagged fifth place at the Ikaika Bodybuilding Championships and earned her right to compete nationally.

christina gonzalez, C2, NPC bikini, crossfit

Gonzalez, who rolls with prep team Team Elite Warriors, stepped on stage for the first time outside of Hawaii at the 2015 NPC National Championships in Pittsburgh. Although she was nervous and felt she needed more time to get her physique in tip top shape, Gonzalez pushed herself to do it nonetheless. Now with six shows under her belt, Gonzalez is determined to bring a better, tighter, more defined package every time she takes to the stage.

If there’s one thing that Gonzalez can’t stand, it’s negative energy. “I have a saying: ‘Negativity is complementary,'” says Gonzalez. “It means that whatever negative vibe you put off, I’ll come back with a positive one.” This attitude and Gonzalez’s utter unwillingness to take no for an answer are what have allowed her to succeed, not just in fitness but in all other aspects of her life.

Although Gonzalez speaks passionately about clinching titles and taking home hardware, her main source of motivation is her sons. She describes her “lil men,” now 11 and 12 years old, as “my rocks and my strength.” Citing their unconditional support as what keeps her going, Gonzalez says that, “Everything I do, I do it for my boys.”

As for what’s next, Gonzalez has her eyes laser-focused on rising within the fitness industry. Gonzalez’s immediate goals are to condition herself into the best possible shape and earn her pro card. Further down the line she would like to open her own fitness line, and she’d one day like to form a team of athletes herself. As a woman with a heart of gold, Gonzalez also has plans to do talent shows for children with cancer, “anything to keep the children smiling,” and give back to her community. Most of all, Gonzalez wants to write a book about her own life and the struggles she’s overcome.

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