elizabeth hemmerle, NPC bikini, bikini competitor

Elizabeth Hemmerle: Success Through Self-Love

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New York City skin care boutique manager Elizabeth Hemmerle learned a valuable life lesson that many people never fully grasp while coping with a traumatic breakup that has propelled her bodybuilding career. The vibrant, 21-year-old nationally qualified NPC bikini athlete now lives by the mantra that “self love is the key to true happiness.” By devoting time and energy toward improving herself, rather than making decisions and acting based on self loathing, Hemmerle’s eyes have been opened wide to the world and unexpected doors continue to open.

Hemmerle’s upbeat, rosy attitude represents just one of the many attributes that make her admirable and nothing short of a role model. When asked what her greatest accomplishment in life has been – a question that, for many people, often involves an award, title, promotion, or other tangible achievement – Hemmerle unhesitatingly answers: “Holding onto my positivity through all the obstacles and hurdles that I have had to overcome.”

elizabeth hemmerle, NPC bikini, bikini competitor

It’s not always easy to control negative emotions when life throws curve balls, and change is naturally a hard reality to adjust to. Hemmerle’s success in tackling the challenges of life has been motivated by a realization that, although we may not be able to control everything that happens, we can dictate whether or not it will control us. “When I look in the mirror, that is the person I don’t want to disappoint. I am the person who has to live with myself,” Hemmerle says. “That is my motivation each and every day.”

Although Hemmerle’s bodybuilding career launched only recently, she already has titles under her belt. Specifically, Hemmerle placed second in the Ultimate Physique Championships and took home third place in both the New Jersey State Championship and the Europa Games in Atlantic City in 2015. Hemmerle has high goals for her fitness career, but what matters most to this bubbly, infectiously positive athlete is feeling good and being satisfied. “I just want to be happy with who I am and the people in my life, regardless of the circumstances,” Hemmerle maintains.

elizabeth hemmerle, NPC bikini, bikini competitor

After struggling in her first off season, Hemmerle is determined not to make the same mistakes this year. Like never before, Hemmerle has her eyes set on the crown, pushing to win both regionals and nationals in the coming year, in addition to becoming a brand athlete. Hemmerle’s best advice for her fellow athletes? “Use your failures as something to propel you forward and never let things get to your head or sulk in misery. If you love yourself enough to keep moving, you will push through all that life can throw your way.”