Kate Michalkova – Europe’s Finest Musclemom

Kate Michalkova – Europe’s Finest Musclemom

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For 40-year-old body transformation coach and pro athlete Kate Michalkova, going into fitness was more than just a lifestyle choice – it was her salvation. Today, Kate has a wildly successful fitness career that includes a total of 10 competitive titles under her belt, a personal training business, and countless modeling appearances. But things weren’t always so golden for this strong, Slovakian-born bikini competitor.

At the age of two years old, Kate was diagnosed with celiac disease – then a relatively uncommon illness – and an autoimmune deficiency. Bouncing in and out of hospitals, Kate finally was put back on a wheat diet at age six, which she surprisingly tolerated well. Although Kate continued to experience symptoms of celiac disease such as bloating and occasional cold sores, she went through the next 20 years leading a relatively normal life.

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Then, after the birth of her first daughter, Kate’s health took a dramatic turn for the worse. Feeling withdrawn, weak, and incredibly dizzy, Kate lost a large amount of weight, plummeting to a mere 76 pounds. Kate’s doctor finally diagnosed her celiac disease as the cause of the problem and put her on a gluten- and wheat-free diet. At that point, Kate also decided to take matters into her own hands by developing her own intense training routine and focusing on clean eating.

Kate became increasingly attached to fitness as an outlet, going on to earn a personal training and nutrition diploma. Shortly after starting her first gig as a personal trainer for EP Gym in Banbury, Kate made a life-changing decision to enter the Miami Pro European Championships. Despite her newness to the stage, Kate snagged third place in Bikini Over 35s. Kate’s competitive spirit did not stop there, and she ultimately received her first pro card a year later.

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“Competing requires a lot of sacrifices and dedication,” says Kate. “I always need to recover a lot after each competition. But making fitness a part of your life is something I highly recommend to people, and if I motivate and inspire at least one person a day I can live with that.”

This past July, Kate achieved her most significant milestone yet, taking home five trophies at the Miami Pro European Championships. In addition to landing her third pro card, Kate earned the titles of Ms. Bikini Over 35s Champion and Fit Mums Champion, as well as “Best Butt” and “Best Bikini.”

As for what to expect next from this motivational bombshell, Kate will be launching a new brand soon – Tough Mumma – geared toward helping mothers achieve a healthy balance between their maternal responsibilities and other life pursuits. “I love inspiring and motivating people – especially busy mums like myself – to work out actively and reach for their goals, never mind the obstacles,” says Kate. Kate’s plans also include prepping for next season’s competitions and launching a new website offering her training tips and recipes. Sounds like there’s plenty to look forward to from this talented athlete!