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Skip Robinson – Defying Numbers

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For Skip Robinson, the journey of a lifetime began with a tap on the shoulder one rainy day in 1994. Towards the end of his regular chest workout, Skip was approached by Don Long, an elite coach renowned in the bodybuilding industry, with a proposition that stopped Skip mid-rep.

Although Skip had no intentions of competing at the time, Don’s candid assessment that he had the perfect muscle structure and training philosophy to do so set the wheels in Skip’s mind turning. “I really had no idea what I was getting myself into,” says Skip. “But I knew that if I started down that road, I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the top.”

Skip stayed true to his promise, competing in nearly 15 shows over the next decade and just narrowly missing the much-sought-after pro card status. Over that time, Skip met and married the woman of his dreams, who soon gave birth to their beautiful set of twins. Skip immediately was faced with a choice: excel as a father or continue his ascension to the apex of his beloved sport. “For me, being a good father and being a competitive bodybuilder just didn’t mesh well,” Skip recalls. “I couldn’t be fully committed to either, so after a lot of reflection I decided to hang up bodybuilding for awhile.”

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As Skip’s children grew, the then-retired bodybuilder felt very strongly about giving his kids an appreciation for his ultimate passion. By 2010, it was time for Skip to dust off the dumbbells and prep once again to hit the stage. But before he could get very far, Skip faced a devastating shoulder injury that potentially stood to derail his last hurrah.

Feeling deflated and frustrated by the road to recovery that lay ahead, Skip turned to his former coach who offered him all the reassurance Skip needed. “He said I absolutely had a shot at turning things around and coming back stronger than ever,” Skip recounts. “That was good enough for me.” Skip then worked with his physician to put together a rehab plan that would help him slowly but steadily get back his stage-ready conditioning.

For the first few months, Skip refused to look at himself in the mirror, determined to work through the adversity with full faith that he would get back his large, muscular physique. Eventually Skip reached the point where he felt comfortable training the way he had in the old days, at which point Skip knew the ultimate goal was firmly in his grasp.

Skip ultimately chose the NPC Max Muscle Virginia show to debut, at age 52, one of the best packages he had ever brought to the stage. Much to no one’s surprise, Skip placed first in every category he entered and snatched the Overall title. With a fire in his belly like never before, Skip then turned his eye to the nationals stage.

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In July 2014, Skip dominated the Masters Nationals in Pittsburg, again winning Overall and finally taking home his pro card. Skip beat out more than 100 other competitors in the process and, shortly before doing so also earned his black belt in martial arts.  “It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but I could not be more thankful,” says Skip. “It’s humbling to have achieved such a significant milestone at over age 50, and to know that I’m inspiring other people never to give up on their dreams.”

Today, Skip has parlayed his training, dieting, and competition expertise into a new company, Alpha Physique Transformation, LLC. Through his company, Skip seeks to provide guidance and support to other up-and-coming athletes looking to achieve their ultimate potential. “My love for this sport has nothing to do with personal accolades and everything to do with my own quest to become a better me,” says Skip. “The ability to help others do the same – man, that’s what makes the success all worth it.”

Skip is the CEO of NPC Certified Coaching Team Alpha Physique Transformation.