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Milla Bizzotto: The 9-Year-Old Who’s Stronger Than You

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Most 9-year-olds spend their days playing on their iPads, watching cartoons, or romping on the playground. Fitness competitor Milla Bizzotto is not most 9-year-olds. Instead, this petite powerhouse devotes her time to training for physical obstacle courses intended for athletes more than double her age.

Recently Milla completed the BattleFrog 24, a grueling two-day race that involves running 36 miles; swimming 11 miles; and conquering 25 obstacles, including a rope climb and barbed wire crawl. Milla, weighing in at 53 pounds, is the youngest competitor ever to complete this U.S. Navy Seal-designed race. During the event, she slept for a grand total of 4 hours (from 2 AM to 6 AM).

To prepare for this challenging race, Milla Bizzotto trained with the help of her father and coach Christian Bizzotto for nine months straight, five days a week and four hours per day. You can catch a glimpse of Milla’s intense prep here:

Milla’s reason for competing is nothing short of inspirational. In addition to motivating other kids to get active, Milla worked hard to get into fighting shape as part of an effort to cope with bullying at school. After being bullied by some of her classmates, Milla started training in earnest at her father’s gym, Focused Movement Academy. She began competing in obstacle course races to empower herself and inspire other victims of bullying to do the same.

In November 2015, Milla finished a BattleFrog 15K, then went on to complete a Spartan Race in December 2015. As for what’s next for this fitness competitor, Milla is currently in training for the invitation-only Athlete Race in Miami, which includes a 6-kilometer paddle board race and 5-kilometer run. In August, Milla plans to travel to Hawaii for the Spartan Trifecta.

One thing is for certain: This inspirational fit kid proves #ImpossibleIsNothing.