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Warrior Within: The Prep Team Everyone’s Talking About

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If you’ve ever set foot in the Colosseum Gym in Columbia, Maryland, you know it’s not like every other gym on the planet. There’s no texting on the squat rack. There’s no reading or watching TV while performing cardio. There’s no Bro Scientists spouting off worthless mantras about the “anabolic window.” No, you won’t find any of those things in TEAM Warrior Within‘s lair. Just blood, sweat, tears, and some good-fashioned hard work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In a world where anyone who does a show magically becomes a “prep coach” overnight, TEAM Warrior Within offers something truly special. For over half a decade, this group of more than 20 elite personal trainers and coaches has helped clients completely transform themselves both physically and psychologically. With TEAM Warrior Within, it’s not just about the external process of stripping body fat, packing on muscle, and otherwise shaping an amazing physique through hardcore diet and training techniques. It’s also about developing the mental fortitude, dedication, drive, and confidence of a champion.

The Warrior Rumbles

For TEAM Warrior Within, the evolution from loose coalition to full-on movement has occurred at a meteoric pace. TEAM Warrior Within originally coalesced in 2010 when IFBB fitness pro Stacy Wig and NPC bodybuilder David Johnston took a team of 17 competitors to the NPC Maryland State / East Coast Classic and were honored with the team trophy at the evening show.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, the team – headed up by David and his wife Nikki Johnston, herself now an accomplished women’s physique and bodybuilding competitor – continued to grow. TEAM Warrior Within exploded onto the scene at the 2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic, where they brought to the stage a talented group of 13 competitors who would raise the bar for competition in the Mid Atlantic area.


Team Warrior Within, competition prep, physique competition, bodybuilding, NPC bikini, men's physique, women's physique, how to prep for a competition


Ascension of the Warrior

In 2014, TEAM Warrior Within upped its national presence and watched several of its athletes snatch their coveted pro cards. This included 51-year-old women’s physique competitor and TEAM Warrior Within trainer Donna McGinn, who nabbed her pro card at the NPC Northern Americans, as well as bikini competitor Brianna Krause and men’s bodybuilding competitor Robert Freeman, both of whom took home the prize at the NPC Nationals.

By the close of 2014, TEAM Warrior Within had put an impressive 107 competitors on stage. And the stats were mounting. Out of that total, 32 were first-time competitors; four earned their pro cards; and eight graced the national stage. That year TEAM Warrior Within’s clients landed a total of 43 class wins, 18 overall wins, and 138 pieces of gleaming hardware.


Team Warrior Within, competition prep, physique competition, bodybuilding, NPC bikini, men's physique, women's physique, how to prep for a competition

The Year of the Warrior

TEAM Warrior Within witnessed its best year ever in 2015, with its prestige and reputation for excellence growing internationally. The team put its first competitor from Denmark on stage and helped create four new proud IFBB pros (Felecia Murray, Mandie Bender, and Alysia Cronise in figure; Jermichael Pratt in men’s physique).

The team’s national bench grew nearly threefold from eight athletes in 2014 to 23 athletes in 2015. Sixteen of those 23 competitors managed to place within the top 5. Now at 140 competitors and climbing, TEAM Warrior Within’s voracious appetite for overall wins and top-5 placings shows no signs of slowing down.


Team Warrior Within, competition prep, physique competition, bodybuilding, NPC bikini, men's physique, women's physique, how to prep for a competition

The Warrior Experience

It doesn’t take much to see why TEAM Warrior Within is one of the most sought-after prep teams around. The coaches’ compassionate, invested, no-bullshit approach to training clients makes them rare in an industry of yes-men and charlatans selling gimmicks and quick fixes. TEAM Warrior Within truly walks the walk in every sense of the word, demonstrating nothing but the utmost respect for and commitment to ensuring their clients succeed. With TEAM Warrior Within, it doesn’t just stop at training and nutritional guidance. Given the dozens of years that TEAM Warrior Within’s coaches collectively have in the comp prep arena, they are genuinely experts in everything from posing to song selection, from suit choice to skin color . . . and everything in between.

We at Elite Muscle are stoked to see what this team has up their sleeve for 2016. For constant updates and plenty of pro-level content, you can follow this dynamic dynasty on Facebook and Instagram. Also be sure to check out their free assessment if you’re in the market for a prep coach of your own – you just might make the cut!